Friday, June 3, 2011

Photo Meme and More!

Foto Friday Challenge

For A LONG TIME, I have wanted to participate in Renaissance photo meme, but just can't consistently get my act together.  In fact, you'll notice I have not been blogging consistently since March. 

The topic was WIND.

Taken at Yorktown, VA.

Click here to see other photos in her Meme. 

I also participate in the ABSee Meme, or at least I did before my blog break of 2 months, so this is what I sent in...

S is for Swords at the Governor's Palace in Williamsburg.

Oh, and here is a new look for me...

My kids love the purple wrap around my toe.

I actually broke this 2 days before I went to Williamsburg, but who has time to go to the doctor 2 days before vacation with 6 children that is 12 hours away?  One great quote I learned from my doctor, "No one ever breaks their toe glamorously." 

That is true.  Leave a comment telling how you think I broke my toe!


Remember next week is the Great Reveal Blog Hop that Homeschool Dawn and I are hosting.  Read here to see more about it.  Just write a post at your blog about your curriculum for the next year and click back here and link for our Blog Hop!!



  1. So glad to see you participate. The link didn't work on the McLinky so I did a bit of sleuthing (followed your comment) to get here. When you link up to a site, you copy the link to YOUR post (should be at the bottom of the post) and paste it into the McLinky. The link you copied into the McLinky was actually MY post. :-)

    Hope to see you participate again! (And btw insane lady---I can't believe you went on vacation with a broken toe because WHO HAS THE TIME? Ack! You are one tough cookie!)

  2. Hello, I am coming over from Foto Friday to see your pictures. Your flag photo was really neat. I love flags blowing in the wind.

    My husband is walking around with similar footwear....he recently broke a bone in his foot. When he tells people how he did it they all need to come up with a better story than that :)

  3. looks like lots of fun activity your way. Sure hope your toe heals quickly...

  4. Great picture of the flags!


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