Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Drawing with Children, Lesson 4 (cont'd)

This week we completed Lesson 4 in Drawing with Children.  We were to draw the Tiger Lilies that were shown on page 154, but using our own colors.  The main focus was learning how to "block" lighter colors first and then add the darker colors over them.

This is the first time where I have really seen the difference in using these awesome markers. 
I know they are expensive, but Amazon does have free shipping over $25.  They made a world of difference while making the Tiger Lilies and none of the colors bled as we colored over them! 

I would say this was the hardest lesson we have done, but my girls understood copying the Tiger Lilies.  I think they did better than we at this point.  Harmony Art Mom calls this type of exercies Art Copywork and she does alot of it with her older children and the Masters.

Remember, you can jump in at any time to this Meme.  In fact, you can participate even if you do not have a blog.  If you do have a blog, write a post about however far you have gotten this week in Drawing with Children and link to Kingdom Arrows.  If you don't have a blog, you can upload your drawings to Flickr and we can all see what you have done.  Remember to visit Barb's Squidoo Page to get Lesson plans to go with this study!

6 year old

13 year old

7 year old


  1. Yay! We finally have a lesson to post and link :)

    Your kids' drawings are beautiful! Great job!

  2. Awesome work on this lesson! I know you probably think it is going slowly but learning to draw really just has to sink in as you go along. We have been working on drawing a little each year and it feels like we are just now seeing the fruits. Keep up the excellent work!


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