Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May God Be Praised

Can you tell what this is??

That is the Futon being carried away to Goodwill!!

Now, can you tell what this is??

Kae-Kae winning second place in both Flute and Piano in our local music competition.

Both of these sights will bring tears of joy to your eyes if you followed us through the journey the Lord ordained for us last year when my then 12 year old had a mental breakdown.  You can read some of our story here (also to see how Kae-Kae laid between the futon cushions for 12 hours a day), or search anxiety updates on this blog to follow the many steps of the journey. 

One year ago, she had been selectively mute for 2 weeks, little did we know that she had four more weeks of selective mutism coming before she began dissociating 12 hours a day, for 8 full weeks.  She did not hear, speak or see during that time.  She only ate food if I laid it by her head while under the futon.  She would swing in the rain and not know why she was wet.  At one point she asked how much her little brother had grown.  Our lives changed forever during that time.  But, it was the mercy of God.  He has grown all of our faith and chipped off alot of that legalism, cynicism, entitlement, selfishness, etc. and grown Kae-Kae into a beautiful, godly, faith-filled young woman. 
May God be praised!


  1. Tears of joy? Sobs of joy! Praise the Lord!!

    I know it had to feel wonderful to rid your home of that futon and even better to see Kae-Kae perform so well! Congratulations and big hugs to her!!!

  2. Wonderful! To God be all the glory. We are so thankful that that time of trial is over and that you are pressing on. Good news!


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