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Kingdom Arrows is composed of Dan and Heather, the parents and 4 children, Kae-Kae 13 years, Joy-Bug 7 years, Gracie-Girl 6 years and Little Guy 3 years.  We have homeschooled since the beginning.  This blog is a journal of sorts to let everyone know what we are learning spiritually, physically, educationally and emotionally. 

We are a combo of Thomas Jefferson Education, Charlotte Mason and eclectic homeschooling philosophies.  For my older daughter, we have some leanings toward Classical, but she has anxiety and learning differences that really shape how we school her.  I am very hands on with lapbooking, notebooking and experimenting.

A large emphasis for this blog is our time in nature.  We began birdwatching in January 2010, and have become more avid every month.  We spend a lot of time making our yard into a bird habitat to bring more varieties of birds.  We like photography, hiking, nature journaling and studying field guides.  Also, we take weekly nature walks and document them for others to learn and enjoy. 

Another component of this blog is how Kae-Kae deals with her dissociation and severe anxiety disorder along with her learning differences.  You will occasionally see updates as we continue on this journey given by the Lord. 

There is a contact button on the home page that you may click to reach me.  I do reviews and giveaways, and would be more than happy to consider your product.  I only review or do giveaways on products my family has personally used. 

Thanks for taking the time to visit!

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