Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Drawing with Children, Nature-Style, Lesson 3

This week our task was to draw a still life on Lesson 3, wether you were on Level 1, 2 or 3.  For each level, you just added extra features. Remember this is a jump in meme, so whenever you are ready start and tell us your progress.  Also, if you do not have a blog, you may scan and upload your drawings to our Fliker group.  I will link to let everyone know you are there.

 Here is my Level 1 child:
Gracie Girl, 6yo

Here are my Lesson 2 kids:

Joy Bug, 7yo

Kae-Kae, 13yo

Now I can say from personal experience that this was the most challenging drawing yet.  I am learning to draw with my kids and doing all my own lessons and additional drawing.  It took SO MUCH BRAINPOWER for me to follow through on the the drawing and then additional focus to color them in and texturize them.  I loved how all of us chose different ways to decortate our vases and pots.  Also, the original photo we were drawing from had an oriental flavor, but each of my little artisits was able to tweak it to what they wanted. 

Visit here to see the lesson plans that Barb has made up for this lesson.  They include building your own still life from nature items.  I plan to try to draw at least 2 different type of still life items this week. 



  1. WOW, it is so wonderful to have all these awesome artists in my own home!!!
    The Pater Familias

  2. Great! I still have to carve out our drawing time this week. I will post when I can :)

  3. Hi! I finally have gotten to post our Lesson 2 :)


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