Tuesday, March 29, 2011

HSBA Exchange

A few weeks ago I saw this little post over here, and it looked like a fun way to get to know another blogger somewhere else in America.  The Homeschool Blog Post instigated this great idea.  We were to turn in our name, answer some questions and our names were exchanged with another blogger and we were matched up. 

Mine happened to be Jennifer at A Glimpse of Our Life.  I have to confess I had SO MUCH FUN shopping for her.  It was a wonderful change of pace from groceries and other necessities.  I was able to be creative and think about what she might like. 

Well, the fun thing was, she was shopping for me.  So last week, I got this little goody box in the mail.....

See all that fun stuff, Green Tea, Chocolate, goodies for Easter and lots of crafty goodies.  My girls thought Jennifer had sent this for them:)  Thanks SO MUCH! 

April 8 will be when the Homeschool Post will be starting sign-ups for the next exchange. 


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