Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Drawing with Children, Nature-Style

Lesson 1, see side bar for previous posts.  Feel free to jump in at any point- the more the merrier. 

One important thing I learned was how much my 7 year old is not listening to me.  She would rush ahead and then start crying because her drawing did not look like the directions.  I do feel this is a discipline issue as opposed to an LD issue.  I have noticed it in other areas.  So, I am grateful for DwC to point this out!  She restarted her bird five times, with many tears.  I am not bothered by her tears, for this child, tears are her way of complaining. 

I found that if I read the directions and then drew what it said on my paper and showed it to the group they were able to draw it better. 

We did the Random Warm-Up after we did the eye relaxation. 

Note:  I learned the hard way, make sure and photocopy enough copies of pg 76 BEFORE the class.  My kids loved this practice and they all said the hairbrush and tennis shoes were the hardest for them to draw.  All my kids are on Level 2. 

We drew the bird on page 77-79 of DwC.  My kids really enjoyed the last part of the directions where they could add what they wanted to their drawing.  We took about an hour to compete this, and that was a stretch for my 6 and 7 year old to stay focused and on task.  But, our hour included: warm-up, drawing pg 76, drawing and decorating our bird.
Kae-Kae, age 13
Joy-Bug, age 7
Mine, too old to tell:)

Gracie Girl, age 6

Now, I enjoyed the results SO MUCH, I have 8x10 frames on my craft store list, to create a photo gallery!

Another note:  If you have the Prismacolor markers, remember they are PERMANENT.  So, that would mean that my 6 year old would have 2 spots bleed on her new shirt that were over 1 inch.  I immediately sprayed them with Shout and put LA's Totally Awesome Cleaner from the Dollar Tree on them.  Let it set for 15 minutes and wash in Detergent (not homemade laundry soap).  Don't dry and do the same process again.  Most of the marker will come out.  Being a Home Ec major has some advantages.....



  1. We will be drawing our birds on Monday with some friends that will be joining us on this adventure. I'll send them to you Monday night.

  2. I love the person with the camera looking at the bird! I'm excited to start this! We are going to learn about composers on Weds and will bring the art lesson in on Weds as well. I'm so excited!


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