Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Drawing with Children, Lesson 2 (cont'd)

Welcome to the Drawing with Children- Nature Style Meme.  This is a jump in at any time Meme.  Post on your own blog what you did for your lesson for DwC in your family. So far, we have only had two participants, Olive Plants (she has not had a camera to post)  and Learning All the Time.  I know there are at least 5 other families that have contacted me, and I want you to know you are welcome at any time.  I always post on Wednesdays, but you can post anytime. 

We pretty much finished up Lesson 2 this week of Drawing with Children.  It seems to be taking 2 weeks for us to complete a lesson, with some extra drawing practice during the week.  We did our actual "lesson" in about an hour.  BTW, we usually do ours right after circle time/breakfast on Friday morning.  This week week all drew Level 2 Tropical Birds.   All of us are on Level 2, but I did not feel we were good direction followers, so we did Leo the Lion last week, even though it was on Level 1.

Parrot in Rain forest, 7yo

Parrot in Cage, 6yo

Dr. Doolittle and Polynesia, 13yo

Barb's Scribd Plans included the Nature part of this lesson.  We were supposed to draw one object in each of the following categories:

1. Tree
2. Flower
3. Animal
4. Insect
5. Bird

Here is a flower and vase my 6yo drew on her own.  I was shocked at the detail!

The way our family incorporated this additional drawing was to go to a local Garden Center (Nursery) on Saturday afternoon and practice these categories, "live."

Hints: Remember to photocopy the pencil drawings from the book BEFORE it is time for drawing class.  I still don't have that down pat:)  My printer was broken all week.

We did the Abstract Design Warm-up, pg 68.  Here is one example.

I am also getting the idea that our family is going to continue to the last lesson and then go back through with the Level 3 activities.  I am sure we will all be ready for Level 3 by that point. 



  1. Heather, the girls' work is sooo beautiful! Keep it up!
    We have finished lesson 1 but I just don't have the time to scan and get it up this week. I will start participating next week, Lord willing. Love y'all!

  2. We loved this lesson! It was hard work...but super-cool end products!!!

  3. Great work for your family this week! I hope this is where I should link up our newest post... Thanks for hosting this!


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