Monday, December 29, 2008

MEW's Musings

Hi , my name is MEW and I will be posting on this blog. I like to craft ,read, cook, play on the flute and piano. I am in fifth grade and my favorite subject is history.

Yesterday morning EJ came out of the bathroom, and joyfully told us that she lost a tooth! We were all very suprised and took a picture with my new camera (a christmas gift.)


  1. Hi MEW. I enjoyed your post. Your sister is very cute. I enjoyed meeting you Monday, as did my children. I hope we will see each other again soon. Until then, keep up the good blogging, and I will be sure to read and leave comments.

  2. we enjoyed seeing you also on monday. Thanks for reading my blog.Have a good new year!MEW

  3. Wow! A tooth. Are they really old enough for this???!!!!


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