Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Big One

Our friend's sons had this conversation in the van on the way home from our house. T is 5 and R is 3. Chris (their dad) made a totally drive-by comment that "your girls are great and our boys ought to marry one of them. Well, they were TOTALLY paying attention, and T. said, I want the one that's my age. To which R. replied, I want the big one. Then T. must have come to his senses and agreed with R. pursuing maturity rather than age and they literally started fighting over having the "big one" as their wife one day. We had to eventually discipline them because they wouldn't stop long enough for us to say that we 1) don't fight, 2) don't fight over girls, and 3) daddy really was just talking to Mommy about the quality of the girls that reside in the Wilson home."

Just to clarify ME is "the big one," she is 10! The one who is T.'s age is EJ who is 5.5 yrs old.


  1. That's cute. I can't wait to meet the Wilson girls and boy.

  2. I already "took" the biggest one --- the mother of the 3 girls is my awesome wife. ;o)



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