Sunday, December 21, 2008

As the Mirror Speaks...

Those of you who know me well, know I don't sleep at 2AM, and often get to talk to my hubby then. It is a middle of the night date. Often, I am wrestling with theological and spiritual issues. One of the things he does is write up important scriptures and life lessons on our oversized bathroom mirror. Often as I go thru life and share what he has written up, people want me to email them copies. So, I have decided to have segment on the Blog named after these mirror talks. So, the most recent one boiled down to this...

Guilt is fear.

Think about it for a while. We as women are often in bondage to guilt, but it is really tied to fears- that we did not do it right, do it all, or do enough- which in turn is tied to perfectionism, pride and living unconnected to Christ. Feel free to write it on your mirror!

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  1. Very true. The battle with perfectionism is an on-going one for me. Thanks for the mirror idea and for sharing how your dear husband is leading you.


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