Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Drawing with Children, Lesson 5, Oil Pastels

For this lesson I had told you we were going to be using chaulk pastels. Well, due to the fact that I did not drag out my supplies until last night, I found we only have Oil Pastels. Seeing that we live 45 minutes from Hobby Lobby, I will have to plan ahead on that one.

So, we are trading chaulk pastels with oil pastels. This means we will do Chaulk Pastels on June 22.  Make sure to check out Barb's Squidoo page on Drawing with Children!!!

If you already did oil pastels, link anyway! Remember this is a come and go meme, and even if your fearless leader has some foibles, it will be OK!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Barb's youtube for using oil pastels. So, for our warm-up, we just used what she recommended.  We used hairspray as a fixative, but do plan on buying some fixative. 

Here is Joy-Bug's warm ups.

We went outside and took a nature walk specifically looking for things we could draw with our very awesome oil pastels.

Kae-Kae's Dandelions.  She has decided this is her favorite medium. 
Joy-Bugs landscape scene.  They LOVED blending.

Gracie Girl drew a wildflower arrangement.  Notice her red spot on the Queen Anne's Lace.

This pastels book is what Barb suggests for further study and I can promise it is on my bookbuying list!


PS:  Kingdom Arrows and Olive Plants is sponsoring a Great Reveal of all our curriculum for the next schoolyear.  Write a post and link up with our blog hop next week, starting on June 6!  Click here to read about it.  As usual, I am having trouble getting the widget to post here:)


  1. Looking good :) We decided to NOT do chalk pastels at this point because we have a lot of oil pastels already, and we were trying to keep our purchases under control. This is a busy week for us (planning a baby shower for one of my sisters this weekend) so we will get to this when we can. Thanks so much for continuing this helps to keep me focused!

  2. We did it...oil pastels are fun :) Thanks again for the link up!


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