Sunday, September 18, 2011

Canada Goose Outdoor Challenge

This week we studied Canada Geese.  In the Handbook of Nature study (pg 130-135), there are some great stories about geese.  I had no idea they were smarter than dogs!

Joy-Bug with a feather.  Notice the geese in a row. 

I have to say that the most exciting thing about our study this week is this:

Joy-Bug completed this entire sheet by herself.  This is monumental since she quit writing all but her name in March.  She is struggling with a Panic Disorder.  We have been working on getting her meds straight since June and she has been in counseling since May.  Even with all this hard work, she has not been up for much school, even read alouds were too much for her for several months.   For the last month she has been writing only one sentence a day for copywork, and has not done anything on her own. 

So, while I was helping Gracie Girl with her Venn diagram comparing Canada Geese and Ducks, Emmalyn produced her masterpiece.  She has lost most of her skill in handwriting and spelling, but we have  9 more years to work on that:)  This week she had the two BEST days she has had in about 10 months, and she has eaten at every single meal!

I think doing the Nature Journal took the "school" pressure off and made it easier for Joy-Bug to feel she could write.  Also, she loves nature and it is always easier to write about something you love.  So, in case you were on the fence about nature study, here is one more reason to begin!

Gracie-Girl's Venn diagram

We compared geese tails with duck tails.

Are you enjoying any fall Nature moments?  Click over to Barb's Blog to see more goodies!


  1. Nature study is working wonders in your family. I am so glad that in some small way my challenges are helping build some bridges for your daughter. That is an amazing story about her journal page....makes my heart swell for you.

    Thank you so much for sharing your study with the OHC.


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