Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Autumn Outdoor Hour Challenge

Just in case you thought your eyes were playing tricks on you, it really is Kingdom Arrows writing a post in the MIDDLE OF THE MONTH. 

I know...

it has not happened in seasons....

and since seasonal change is what I am writing about here, it is thematic!

We began Barb's Autumn Outdoor Challenge and we are SO EXCITED!  Fall is our fav time around here, so it was easy to get started again. 

We chose to study weeds.  I emailed and Facebooked every local person I knew trying to find some milkweed to study, but it was a no go.  Apparently, milkweed is not really a native plant here in the Tennessee River Valley.  So we chose to do a weed study in our yard.  One thing I found about weeds, is that out here in the country, we call them FLOWERS. 

We idenitfied something called Tickweed Sunflowers.  They are small compared to a real sunflower, but are very  happy flowers.  They are called Tickweed, since in the middle the tips of the stamins look like little seed ticks all over them. 

We also found Honewort, which sounds like something from Middle Earth, but it was really here in our yard.  It is my new favorite weed.  The white flowers are about 1/8 inch wide and the entire plant can grow up to your knees. 

Here are the littles pretending to be in a jungle of weeds.



  1. Honewort is my fav, too, but I had NO idea that's what it was called. I learned something today. Lol about "middle earth". HA!

  2. Wildflowers work just as well. Keep you ear out for milkweed and maybe you will find it when you least expect it. I found that when we studied Evening Primrose....never heard of it and then one day...boom! There is was right at our favorite lake. Funny how it happens.

    Thanks for sharing your link and welcome back to the fall challenges.

  3. I could not find any milkweed either, oh well. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun looking for weeds/flowers :)

  4. I wonder if that's what I found. I'm learning identification... you're kids looked like they had lots of fun walking through the tall grass.

  5. Love the image of the children in the tall weeds! Fun study!


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