Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Drawing with Children, Lesson 5, Drawing Pencils

This week we used drawing pencils.  In the book Drawing with Children, she explained all the different codes for pencils- HB, B, 2, #5, etc.  This was very interesting to learn. 

We were to work on shading and layering using the different types of pencils.  Barb's squidoo page also explains this. 

Only my 13 year old really liked this medium.  But, I have committed to drawing one thing in my nature journal this week using only pencils.  The pencil drawing I did, was not well suited to shading.  Another great thing to note, is that if you have 4-6 pencils, they are lightweight for carrying on a hike and still great for capturing what you see. 

My family really is into color, so the pencils were a stretch for them. 

Here is a little stuffed Eagle Kae-Kae drew.
Here is the original.  See how he lists to the side?

Here are flowers in a vase.  Joy-Bug wanted to make sure we knew the light source!



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  1. I think the drawing pencils are going to be a bit tough for us, too, because we all like color. But we are going to do our best, and when I have a post, I'll link it up :)


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