Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Vacation 2011 and BLOG HOP

Read here to see the Blog Hop that we (Olive Plants) and I are hosting on the week of June 6.

My favorite vacation pictures from yesterday included none of my children.  They were all quite droopy due to the heat, 92 degrees and exhaustion.  We just spent about 2 hours of yesterday at Williamsburg, and most of that time was in the William and Mary bookstore eating Strawberry-Lemonade Icees.  We actually divided and conquered, my 2 shoppers-girls 2 & 3 and I went shopping.  Wait until you see the cool gadgets I bought to make flower arrangements from candlesticks!!  But, that post may not come until Christmas.....

Kae-Kae, Joy-Bug and I went to the Governor's Palace for a Candlelit Chamber Music Concert. It included the violin, cello, harpsichord and soprano soloist.  Joy- Bug still recognized that the 'E' was out of tune, so it seems to me that this hiatus from the violin may just be for a short while.  Once her anxiety is dealt with, I think she will go back to it.


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  1. I've been reading down your blog. It looks like you guys have been having a blast on your vacation. One day I hope to take a field trip to Williamsburg.


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