Sunday, March 6, 2011

Not our home... Part 2

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The call came.  Our little 3.5 year old friend was pronounced dead at 10:50, Thursday night.  He was still hooked up to life support since they are going to donate his organs and have to do an autopsy.

Apparently, anytime it is a murder, there has to be an autopsy.

Murder... from child abuse.

The father asked Dan to do the funeral.  It will be one of those funerals where some people are Christians but inconsistent in church attendance/or actively seeking the Lord and where some people aren't Christians, and don't even pretend to be Christians.  It looks like the funeral will be later this week, the body is in another state.  Dan is praying about how to deal with the problem of pain, but also point to the Ressurection.  It is timely that Lent starts this week.  Dan is really dealing with anger at the abuser and needs to process that so that he can effectively minister to this family.  We are praying for the father and the anger that must be choking to him at the same time he is choked by grief.

What have I learned from this?

A reminder at the sanctity of human life, that life is fragile and our lives can change forever in a second.  That the cheesy ideas about "hug someone today,"  really isn't all that cheesy.  I am reminded that no matter how annoying it can be dealing with your children, that things you do or say really do affect them for the rest of their lives- not that we are abusing our kids, but how many things do you remember your parents said to you in anger that they long forgot?



  1. Life is so fragile. I'm praying for all involved in this terribly sad situation. Yes, even cheesy hugs can be comforting.

  2. Praying for your family at this time and just now catching up on this.


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