Thursday, March 3, 2011

Winter Outdoor Hour Challenge, #8

One Small Square, Winter
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Here it is, in the woods behind our house.

We are fighting the wind to do our drawing and study.

We were supposed to mark off a one foot square of earth and record what we found in it.  This little study is the reason I bought the e-book from Barb!  I loved the One Small Square books, but never made my own.  While out there, we did learn that March really is, "In like a lion and out like a lamb."  The wind was gusting up to 20 miles an hour.  Our little Dutch girl (Joy-Bug) lost her bonnet a few times.
We found:
  • sweet gum balls- newer and partially decomposed
  • moss
  • new baby green grass
  • 1 stick
  • leaves partially decomposed
  • roots
  • clay dirt 
What was REALLY fun was using the new 10x hand lens and 3x magnifying glasses that just came in.  We also got to use the new Prismacolor Blender for pencils while we worked in our journal.  We did not use Prismacolor pencils, but it still worked well with cheap pencils!  We used the pages supplied in this Winter Nature Study book to do our journaling. 


  1. Windy! We had some wind this week too and it was wild. March is blustery and I will be glad when Spring/April is here. :)

    So how did the magnifying lenses work with this study for your family? Did you work with them outdoors or did you bring things inside to look at? We have done it both ways and it is always so interesting.

    Thanks for sharing your small square with the OHC.

  2. What a beautiful square study! We so enjoyed ours last year. It has been way to wet and cold this year - but we will do it again soon. Thanks for sharing!

  3. It does look windy in your pictures, but it looks like you have warmer temps :)
    I really need to get some magnifying lenses too! We could definately put those to use.
    Oh, I bet the spring bugs will be out to hunt soon!


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