Monday, March 7, 2011

Winter Outdoor Hour Challenge, #9

Winter Challenge #9,  Mammals
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We chose the Eastern Grey Squirrel as our mammal of choice.  We did have to drive to find a squirrel, we have none that come to our yard.  There are not enough trees for them here.  We compared the squirrel to our bunny, since the are both in the same Order in Scienctific Classification.  We found their similarity, other than being mammals, was the sharp front teeth.  We all enjoyed learning a new word, Scat, not as in Scat Cat, but as in animal waste products.  Our bunny produces huge amounts of scat in a week:)

Gracie-Girl spotted this drey while we were driving around.
I have to share Little Guy's narration, he is 3.5 and wanted to make sure I copied it down just as he said:

"We saw one baby squirrel nest and 2 bird nests and Mommy birdies and Daddy birdies."
This proves you can not start nature study too young, or start narration to young.  He just put into practice what he has seen his big sissies doing!

Here is Kae-Kae's journal entry. 
 I chose Kae-Kae's journal because I am so excited she has finally started nature journaling with our family.  She has been so resistant because of her fear of drawing.  Well, it seems with the combo of her meds for the Anxiety Disorder and other successes she has been having in other areas of her life, she is finally drawing.  LIKE ALL THE TIME!  Just wait until Wednesday and the Drawing with Children post!  She also wrote her narration, which is another huge step for her.  You can click here to read her story.

Back to DRIVING for a Nature Walk.  We rolled the windows down, turned up the heat and would drive a little and then pull to the side and oberve.  We do a lot of our bird watching this way.  Sometimes it is just easier with so many little people.  But, we also did our homework of identifying Elements of Shape in Nature as part of our Lesson 1 for Drawing with Children

How did your Mammal study go?



  1. Wonderful to hear about your daughter and her progress and your little guy's narration too! I love that you did comparisons between the rabbit and the squirrel too.

    Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with the OHC.

  2. Beautiful. It is so nice to hear of successes in reation to nature study. I like how you pulled in Drawing with Children as well.

  3. I enjoyed reading about your mammal nature study! We completed our nature study while out of town this week, but your blog gave me an idea. At some point I'd like to study our own indoor bunny more! Now I'm curious what her tracks look like!

  4. Hey - that's an idea! Drive with the windows down and the heat turned up! What a great nature study.


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