Friday, January 7, 2011

UFO Challenge

Hey, you have reached the right spot- the place where we talk about nature, homeschooling, photography and other things I have on my brain.  Kingdom Arrows is NOT into sighting UFO's.  Except the Unfinished Object Kind!

I am linking up with Patchwork Times for the year and will be aiming to complete some things that are taking up closet space.  Don't think I don't know that you keep all those extra photos, scrapbooks and other project to be done hidden in there. 

The goal is to take up to 12 UFO's, assign them a month number 1-12 and when Patchwork Times picks a number for the month- Hurray- that is the month I work on that project, with the aim to complete it?!

I only have 3 UFO's right now, so I will assign 4 months to each one.  Now, before you send hate comments about me having only 3 UFO's hanging around, you have to remember that I am a very cautious starter.  I only start projects I am pretty sure I am going to complete. 

I will also let you in on another secret.  I JUST FINISHED a UFO that has been hanging around for 3 years.  A quilt top that Kae-Kae and I started, and actually fully pieced except for the sashing.  I decided, since her 13th birthday is coming up, I would finish that sucker and my parents are paying to have it quilted for her.  Don't tell!!!

Here are my UFO's with number assignments:
  • Finish Dazzling all our family's Super 8s to DVD.  I have completed four and have four more to go.  1,4,7,10
  • Dig into the unopened box of photos I brought home when my grandpa died and do something productive with them- maybe just organize or scrap or something.  2,5,8,11
  • Dig into the unopened box of photos my Mother-in-law mailed me the second week we moved into this house.  For future reference, don't do that to your daughter-in-law.  Many of them she wrote with PEN on the back, so I will have to color copy them before I can do anything with them.  Don't do that to your D-in-L, either.  This is an overwhelming,  multi-step project.  3,6,9,12

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  1. Maybe you need to break the third one into several steps and assign each step a number! Advice duly noted...I so want to be a good mil one day. :)


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