Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Outdoor Hour Challenge, Winter Study #1, Cattails

We are a little behind on the Friday link for the Winter Study, mostly because it took a while to find cattails, and then we had to be able to drive in our record snowfall of 8 inches.

Thanks to our friend Jennifer, she told us about some cattails past the airport in our small town.  We drove over and took some pics, and brought some samples back to study in the comfort of our WARM home!

Here is my 6 year olds nature journal entry.

This was the first time we have observed cattails, so we did not have much comparison.  But, they were in ice (water) and were narrow-leaved.  There were some downy seeds left on the flower and we looked at it under a magnifying glass.  We also found the brown balloon was soft like a sponge.  They were taller than mom.  We can't wait to go back over the next 3 seasons!

Reminder:  It is not to late to start your bird lists of all the birds you observe or hear in your area.  On the last day of January, you can post about it and have a Linky here so we can compare birds.  Today we were able to add 6 more to our list while out looking at our cattails!  Click here to read about Tweet and See. 



  1. It is exciting to start a year-long study of anything and I hope that you are able to visit your cattails each season to begin to see the wonderful cycle of life we have right in our own neighborhoods. Great job on your cattail journals too!

    I am busy keeping my bird list to share at the end of the month. :)

  2. We're keeping a bird list too! Lots of fun stuff!


  3. Well, I hope that we will have several posters on the bird list for January. This is the first meme I have hosted. Come one, come all!


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