Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bible and Prayer

As I have been praying about our new school year (yes, I am 2 weeks late due to the flu), I have realized we have fallen a bit lazy in the Bible and prayer part of our school.  That sounds really academic, I don't mean it to be, but you know, if you don't make a plan, it won't happen.

So, as I regrouped for the new year, I am feeling like our Bible time has gotten a little pushed under other things in importance.  We have been doing  24 Family Ways, which has been a very good, practical application of scripture for my children.  However, it only has about 3 verses a day and several application questions.  I do feel like my 5 and 7 year old have grown in some of the areas we have been studying.

But....I do want The Word in my children's hearts and minds in a stronger way.  So, here is my new plan.

I am taking a Bible reading plan found here.

I bought the ESV on MP3 for $10.50, unabridged and non-dramatized and we will truck through the whole Bible this year, Lord willing.  We are only 11 days behind, so I think we can still catch up.  For Christmas, I got speakers for my MP3 player, so I plan on using those or just using my laptop here in the kitchen.  We often listen to books on tape for breakfast or lunch, so this will not be a stretch for us to just change over to scripture. 

Now for the prayer part.  Again, even easier for this to slip through the cracks.

I have added Kids on Mission prayer alerts that are sent via email, for free, weekly.  Click here to sign up.  I have also signed up with Voice of the Martyrs to have them email me their weekly Prayer and Persecution prayer alerts.  Click here.  Both of these come in around the middle of the week.  While we talk about these prayer needs, I plan to stick post-its up on the countries on our map so we can refer to them throughout the week. 

I want my children to know the world is bigger than our small town and our immediate family, although I still hope to come up with a better plan for tracking those prayer needs, too.  We have tried all sorts of different plans for Bible and prayer, but we move, or technology changes, or the kids get a little older, yadda, yadda, yadda... So, here is to 2011.



  1. I am making some changes in this department, too. We need to pray more and broaden our horizons, too. I like your idea with the map. May have to borrow that.

    I never guessed about the Alas, Babylon question. Is it from the Revelation??? Our current Bible study is Revelation (Omnibus).

  2. I have to be very deliberate about prayer and bible with the kids, too. I like to write "catechism with Dad" on that spot on my lesson plans and let it go at that, but I want my kids to have so much more than that. I love the ESV mp3 idea for breakfast and lunch. Where did you get yours?

    One thing I've been more deliberate about lately is praying out loud as I go. I DO pray silently through the day for strength and in thankfulness for near-disasters...but I want my kids to hear that and do that. I just have to make sure all the praying they hear isn't, "Lord, help me survive these monsters." Ha!

  3. oh--duh. I just saw the link for the ESV. Nevermind!

  4. Great reminder. I have been feeling the same but hadn't established a plan. I'm going to borrow yours for now.

  5. Praying - Each family member has a day when they pray at certain times during the day. The children are encouraged to pray when my husband and I become aware of a need. Sometimes we set the example by praying aloud.

    Bible reading - Every morning I usually read a chapter aloud, and right now that is working well for us. Also the children's reading lessons are based on the Bible so that is further reinforcement.

  6. thanks for all the comments and feedback. We are off and running, I will keep you updated how it is going!


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