Monday, December 13, 2010

Voyage of the Dawn Treader Party

 As predicted, Kae-Kae (a.k.a. Lucy) woke up at 4AM in anticipation of the movie. 

This cake was made by Dan.  This is our Dawn Treader Ship cake.  Remember, I only make 9x13's and don't take them out of the pan!

Here are some of our friends, a Daughter of Eve (Naomi) and a Soldier (Daniel).  You can see Naomi's blog if you click here.

Here is Reepicheep (red feather and tail), Lucy, Aslan the Lion and Gail.

Of course, as the party went on, I forgot to take pictures of all the normal people!  We had pizza and played Narnia Trivia.  The winners were Mary Clare and Daniel, who tied, missing only one!



  1. How fun :) So glad y'all did this and had a good time - verdict on the movie? We LIKED it!

  2. Kae-Kae looks really happy, and I LIKE her costume. Her party sounds like lots of fun! Happy Birthday to her!


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