Thursday, December 9, 2010

Jip Ran Away with the Spoon

For those of you who don't know, we have a new addition to our family.

We named him Jip.  Ten points to the first person who leaves a comment as to what book our name, Jip the Dog, came from.

We have also found out he is a Corgi mix. 

His talent- Squeezing his body into the size of a hot dog and sneaking through any cracked door.  We are having to get creative just to keep him from running away after all the rabbits on our land.  He LOVES rabbits.

The other adventure.... he likes to mark his territory, that would be INSIDE the house.  And, he is really Passive Aggressive.  When the Alpha Dog (a.k.a. Dan) goes away, Jip hikes his leg and makes a mark... on the small Christmas tree, a present, the wall, a toy, ON THE BUNNY, etc.  We are trying to keep all things important off the floor.  Maybe we need to get the bunny off the floor.....Needless to say, he has added some drama to our boring home. 

Ha! Ha!

You should be laughing.  No one with four kids, a bunny a dog, and that homeschools has a boring home. 



  1. hahaha Never a dull moment in life, is there?

    I had no clue on the dog's name so I googled it. I won't say bc that wouldn't be fair to those who actually know and deserve those points! lol I do understand why I didn't know, though. It's from a GIRL book, and we don't have those around here! :)

    I'll try to call you one evening next week so we can work out last min details...or you can me when you have a little time to spare. If a call doesn't work out, not a biggie. I'll email you directions and all that.

    Love ya!

  2. Oh, it is not a GIRL book! It is so exciting, particularly the other few in the series. I think you need to revisit it. Maybe your boys are too old now...

  3. I am laughing at the bunny's expense. Sorry, bunny! Maybe you should put him above the dog in more ways than one. Having a new pet IN THE HOUSE is fun and never boring. That is for sure - told by one whose household adores our new INDOOR kitten (even with the perk of an INDOOR litter box).


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