Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Outdoor Hour Challenge #4

For Outdoor Hour Challenge #4 we had a little more homework to do!  This challenge also doubled for the December Mini-Challenge.  you can check it out here.

We had to:

  • Read pages 10-11 and 13-15 of the Handbook of Nature Study (HoNS)
  • Decide what our focus area is going to be for the next 4-6 weeks
  • Joy Bug's Nature Journal
  • Mom start a Nature Journal
Mom's Nature Journal
Gracie Girl's Nature Journal

We decided to study Mammals for the next 4-6 weeks.  Our main focus will be on dogs, since we just got one.  Dogs are on pg 254. Several of our friends are getting dogs for Christmas, so I hope we can take field trips to their homes for us to observe different breeds.  We will also be studying bunnies, since that is another indoor mammal we can study and not freeze into popsicles with the weather. 

Our Nature Journal pages were premade by Harmony Art Mom.  Our task was to show four special things about our neighborhood in December.  We did discover a new tree with red berries that we can't identify, we are thinking Crabapple or Hawthorne Berry Tree.  On my journal I drew pizza boxes with ice on them.  That is VERY unusual for our neighborhood!



  1. I love that you combined both the challenges and your focus on dogs is a great winter nature study area of interest! There are a few OHCs for dogs so look for them on the sidebar and under the Winter Series from last year.

    Great job and thanks for sharing your link with the OHC.

  2. How fun that you are joining us on the OHC's! I have had blast participating with the boys this past year. :) Great Blog! I'll tuck you in my Google Reader. :)

  3. The tree you found with red berries does not sound like a crab apple. We have one of those in our backyard, and there are no red berries on it ever. Based on our Botany studies from last year, it may be a plant in the Holly family. They definitely have red berries. We found one in our yard and did our best to identify it using our field guide. I hope that you can figure out what is really is!

    Also enjoy learning about dogs and bunnies! I read about goats in the HoNS earlier this year. :-)


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