Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas I Spy Edition!

(scroll down for answers)
A) Can you spy what is missing from this Advent wreath?

B)  Can you spy the problem with our Christmas tree?

C)  You will have to spy closely to see what is wrong with this Jesse Tree that Kae-Kae and I made this year for her Hope Chest.

D) Can you spy what is wrong with this little boy?


A) I could not get to Hobby Lobby until December 2 once all the purple and pink candles were sold out.
B)  The top section of lights went out two weeks ago and no parent was fearless enough to dive in.
C)  The Jesse Tree is supposed to have 25 ornaments, we only got 20 made.
D)  All four children had the flu with 101 degree fever for the four days leading up to Christmas.

This meant we gave up:
Christmas Caroling
Decorating Cookies
Making Gingerbread Houses
Annual Christmas dinner with the Jones'
Christmas Eve Worship Service


  Kae-Kae out from the futon (see story here) and loving her new Narnia DVDs from her grandparents.

Everyone else's favorite thing this Christmas, besides this...

Merry Christmas!


  1. Oh, that pic of Little Man makes me want to cry. I know how he felt. Yucky, yucky flu...but it looks like you had a great Christmas anyway.

    Geotracks was one of Wilbur's faves at that age. He would play for hours.

    I hope everyone is done with the flu bug there. I'm mostly better (we had a good Christmas despite it, too). It just started snowing here. I'm hoping it will be gone so we can make it to Narnia Monday. The boys were really excited about that gift.

    You're right about your best present! Praise the Lord!

  2. I had fun playing along with your I Spy game. Sorry that the children got sick with the flu. I well remember the year that I had it on Christmas Day. Miserable! The best presents of all are what money cannot buy. We are so thankful that Kae-Kae continues to do well and hope to see you sometime in the coming year. Miss you!


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