Monday, October 25, 2010

Old versus the New

The closing of my old blog has made me quite contemplative.

The closing of the old blog is a lot like the closing of many other things in my life over the last few months.

  • We moved back home after a 13 month stint in the big city.
  • We came back to our "old" church and denomination.
  • We came back to our "old" house that we had lived in for 3 years.
  • We came back to our "old" friends who had cheered us on from afar as we dealt with the painful loss and stress of our daughter having a nervous breakdown this summer.
  • I moved back to Kingdom Arrows on blogger. 
What are some things I have learned on this journey?

More than can fit on a post.  But, I bet if you stick around some of it will squirt out while I write about other things. 

And, if you think my journey is over, think again.  God is revealing many new areas of sanctification and areas of needed growth.  And, God is revealing HIMSELF to me, more and more.  He is good.


I do want to thank my friend Kimberly at Raising Olives for all the help in getting my own domain name set up along with training me in using all the techonology for that blog, even when she was sick with morning sickness.  Well, actually for all the help in getting settled in the big city, too.

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