Saturday, October 23, 2010

Anxiety Disorder- Update

We have had an amazing breakthrough 'round these here parts.

Kae-Kae has not dissociated for an ENTIRE week! 

This calls for serious dancing and the lyre.

She did not dissociate on our trip to her grandparent's and that seemed to set her reset button.  Her "jumpiness" has been markedly reduced this week.  She also has had some deeper talks and realizations.  It feels like God loves ME, just because he is letting me see Kae-Kae's improvement so clearly.  It is like getting a Christmas present.

If you are new to Kingdom Arrows, you can click here to read a not-so-short journal of our life this past summer.

We had a parent meeting with her counselor this week.  We were all able to talk about ways we have seen her improvements lately.  The next thing that our counselor recommended is "Child-Parent-Relationship Training."  Dan and I go for 10 weeks for a private session with our counselor where we receive training for a type of "homework" we will do with Kae-Kae during the week.  This homework is 30 minute playtimes that will strengthen the relationship between a parent and child.  This is mostly to help Kae-Kae with her attachment issues with us.  Something both the counselor and psychiatrist talk about is how she is arrested emotionally at 6 years of age.  This focused treatment is supposed to help clear her path so she will be able to zoom faster to catch up to 12 years old.  She will also still be having her weekly sessions with the therapist. 

Somehow Kae-Kae realized this would be a stress to our absolutely, already exploded budget.  Ten years of following Dave Ramsey principles went out the window with the expenses of our summer.  She was sad this morning and finally asked me, "Are you mad you have to spend all this money on me?" 

Of course, you know the answer and the tears that followed.  Tears of gratefulness that my daughter lives in 2010 and did not have to be locked up in an asylum the rest of her life like if she had lived 100 years ago.  Tears of happiness that she had the emotional connection to ask that.  Tears of hope that she has come so far in such a short time.  AND NO TEARS that I absolutely cannot afford this new treatment.  I have about figured out, if God can bring my daughter out from under the futon, He can provide the money for this treatment and the weekly babysitter that we need. 

I have the rest of my life to manage this budget and dig myself out of this hole.  Actually, that would be God's job, too.  In one day this week, he actually brought several surprise checks and a NEW washing machine (thanks for the early Christmas, Mom and Dad).  So, as always- walking by faith and not by sight. 



  1. Thank you for sharing that Heather. I'm crying, too. Praise the Lord for Kae-Kae's improvements. I am doing a happy dance for you, too. Much more I'd like to say, but I'll wait until we can talk. Love ya!

  2. Thankful that Kae-Kae and you had a great week. Our prayer is still for complete healing and that the Lord keeps on blessing all of you!

    Also thank you for the reminder to move here with you. Remind me enough, and I will remember (this time).

  3. Praise God for his healing in Mikaela - we will continue in prayer for you all - I am also in tears - rejoicing with you and so thankful to be reading this update!

  4. Good, good news! A tangible proof of Gods grace and mercy in her little life!! And yours too. Praying for many more such weeks to come. :)

  5. So happy things are improving for you. Since they are, this might be totally uninteresting to you, but do you know much about neuro reorganization? A lot of kiddos with your daughter's symptoms are doing it with success. A yahoo group discusses it:

    And I'd be happy to tell you more privately, if you're interested. (I'm not selling it! But I've done it with one of my kids and seen a lot of other kids improve through it.)


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