Monday, April 6, 2009

MEW's Musings

Last monday we got DG a toddler bed. DG loves it decause it has trucks ALL over it (even the sheets) and he says ''tuck,tuck''. DG has only fallen out once. He sleeps with his legos and ''red bear.''


  1. He is growing up. I'm glad that he likes his new bed. He'll get used to it. We always put bedrails on ours when we made the transfer to the big bed, but we never used toddler beds. They are lower to the ground.

  2. Oh, how he looks like Gibson! Gibson would love to be in a toddler bed probably, but he wanders too much. I figure I'll potty train first, then switch beds. He is loving his new ball room though.

  3. Very Cute! I love your blog Heather! You are encouraging me to start my own. Its so great to keep track of these kind of moments :)


  4. What a cutie! I love the "tuck" bedding.


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