Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fashionable Wipeboards

After and absence of many weeks, I plan to come back to blogging. This spring has been unusual with the amount of sickness, and not normal homeschool schedule from week to week.

I have been encourage to post specifically about my Fashionable Wipeboards, which I have noticed several of my friends have put in their homeschool rooms. I bought the largest picture frames from Wal-mart, which are 11x15 frames, took out the back and used clear caulk around the edges to secure the glass to the back of the frame. Then we hung them. Our family has three we use for things like scripture memory, prayer requests, Greek paradigms, etc. We don't have a homeschool room, so they hang in my kitchen. This allows my kitchen to still look like a kitchen. I don't like the feeling of homeschooling over-running my kitchen/den, because then I feel like I am working all the time. I have posted some pics.

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