Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Drawing with Children, Lesson 5, Colored Pencils

 This week we were to practice using Colored Pencils for drawing nature.  My kids decided to bring nature inside and draw.  Right now they are on a flower kick, I think I need to take them somewhere else to practice drawing other items.

During our nature time we are practicing drawing birds, Killdeer this past week.

Now the special treat this week is the kids did not have to use these...

I let them use these....

My special Prismacolor pencils, which ROCK.

Two of my daughters wanted to practice with my watercolor pencils.  To use them, just color as normal like a colored pencil, then get water on a paintbrush and do a wash over what you drew.  They are a fun change of pace and still easy to stick in a backpack. 

13 year old

So, what did your family do this week with Drawing with Children? Link up with the Linky at the bottom and let us all know how you are progressing.  Did you enjoy colored pencils? 

Next week we will be doing chaulk pastels.  I found a cheap set at Walmart for less than $5.00!



  1. Bri got some of the watercolor pencils as a gift at his birthday pARTy last year. LOVES them!! One day I must do this meme!

    Beautiful work!! :)

  2. I agree, beautiful work! We're a bit behind you all again, but we're still at it :) I am amazed what a difference good quality materials makes in the end result, and in the enjoyment of the project. We'll probably get some watercolor pencils at some point because they look like fun!


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