Thursday, April 7, 2011

Your Backyard DVD Giveaway

The winner of the super-duper Your Backyard DVD from Crowe's Nest Media is:

Mrs. White at The Legacy of Home.  Please contact me with your address using the ContactMe button.

All four of my kids are sick, and I let the sickest child draw the name. 

I have been following Mrs. White's blog for several years and really enjoy the reminders to return to the simple things, and that is not always so easy to do.  Don't tell Mrs. White, but I got up this morning found free ledger paper online and printed it off to start participating in her meme House Account Monthly!  My present way of keeping up with expenses is not working, or maybe it is my present way of purchasing....

Crowe's Nest Media has graciously given all readers the discount code "Tweet," that can be used through April 9, THIS SATURDAY.  That means you can get the DVD for $12.  I just sent one to my nephews for Easter and the discount worked easy as pie. 

Remember to start your Tweet and See list for April. Click here to see the details.  We had very good participation this month, thanks for all those new birds that I HAVE NOT EVEN HEARD OF!  You keep me on my toes, but I am happy to report that this morning I SAW my very first White Throated Sparrow!


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  1. Thank you!!! (I sent you a note)

    Mrs. White


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