Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Drawing with Children, Nature-Style

All of my kids were sick last week for 8 days total, so we did not draw.  I have to say that I am itching to draw the dogwoods and tulips that are out, and hope to carve some Nature journaling time out of this week. 

We will be beginning Lesson 4 this week.  This is a come and go Meme, just post how much you have done this week with your kids. 

I have included a Linky here, since I hope ya'll aren't as crazy-busy or sick like we are!  Oh, and I am just-sayin' that curriculum shopping for four kids can be a little much.  Especially since I was not  planning anything for Little Guy and he has decided he wants school.  I was assuming that he would not want to read until he was 8, at least that is what I heard from Ruth Beechick......

I want to remind you of Sketch Tuesday at Barb's.  One of my children has been participating in that fairly regularly.  This week coming up is "Tails".  Draw anything with a tail. 



  1. Hi Heather, hope all of your little ones are feeling better now.

    I've been trying to plan my curriculum for next year also for two children. I could not imagine trying to wiggle four of them around. It is just so much for one child trying to schedule everything to where I have the time to spend with each child in certain areas. All of you moms that have a big family definitely have a special talent from the Lord.

  2. I hope you all are feeling much better at this point!

    We have not forgotten about DWC at all, we've just been busy lately. We will move on with our next lesson, and when I have something worth posting I will and link up :)


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