Friday, February 4, 2011

Winter Outdoor Hour Challenge, #5

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We had a great time studying Pines for this week's challenge.  We walked in an empty lot next to our home that has been bush-hogged and has many pines.  I thought we only had one type of conifer over there, the Loblolly Pine.  We actually found 3 types- the Loblolly, the Scotch Pine and Eastern Red Cedar. 

Joy-bug added to her Nature Journal by choosing the Loblolly Pine to be our year long study on a Pine Tree.  She traced the pine cone and shaded the 3 needle bundles of the needles.  She measured the needles at 5 inches.  Gracie-girl was quick to point out that they have one stem all the way up the tree and are numerous around here.

Remember, start your Bird list for February and join us the last day of the month to share it on the Tweet and See meme.   Our first month, January, we had four other Bloggers participate.  Click here to read about it.

And.... Dawn and I have started a birding blog,  Birders for Life!  Fly over there and check it out.  We will be covering all things birds over there.  I will be talking about building a bird habitat in your yard, how to get over the hump once you know the basic birds (since that is where I am), and Dawn will be doing her Birding 101 series and offering her wisdom from the last five years of experience.  I am still a bird newbie!  This blog will be low-key and just have a few posts a month, but will help you as you work on your Tweet and See lists.



  1. Three! Isn't it wonderful to discover new things right under your own nose? Great job on identifying your trees and I love your journal page too.

    Thanks for sharing your blog entry with the OHC....number one slot too. Love your idea to team up with Dawn for a bird blog. This will be very helpful to a lot of families. I will be sure to link over when we get to our winter bird challenge.

  2. Nice! I think we're a week behind...but sometimes we get distracted with other wonderful natural things or we want to spend more time on a specific area...We'll get our Evergreens done next weeek! Great notebook page!


  3. Loblollies! This is the pine that I knew well growing up in our backyard.

  4. I have not heard of the Loblolly pine. Not sure they are around here. Nice notebooks page.


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