Thursday, February 3, 2011

Winter Outdoor Hour Challenge, #4

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This week our family had to stretch the limits on the Winter Outdoor Challenge.  It was supposed to be about snow and we have not had any since the record breaking 8 inches.  I have about 5 really cool experiments picked out and hope to still get the chance this winter of using them, but I decided to combine two other challenges to make up for it.

We took a color walk earlier this week.  I borrowed this idea from Discover Their Gifts and the girls wrote the color on an index card.  We laid the color next to the item. 

We also made these additions to our nature journal, which I think the kids really loved.  We picked a window from our house and drew what we saw outside of it.  In fact Joy-bug has decided to do this every month.  The nature journal page (click here) had a spot to write the type of clouds for the day.  Well, that prompted everyone to realize I do not have a weather guide book, so we had to look at the encyclopedia.  Not to worry though, I photocopied the pictures and labels of clouds and put them in the suburban.  Then while we are driving around we can work on learning our clouds!  I actually already do this with birds, I keep my Kaufman in the car along with the loser binoculars (note: birthday is in 2 weeks, hint, hint), and we can pull over and check out the birds. 

I also want to say WHO-HOO for all the bloggers who participated in Tweet and See!  I jumped up and down to see so many people who are also interested for next month!  I just tape a sheet of paper on my wall and write down any bird we identify by sight or sound.  It is already time to start for February.  The last day of the month (hopefully I will figure that out better for February), you write a post on your blog and link back here with Mr. Linky. 

The GRAND TOTAL of types of birds recorded by bloggers who linked in to Kingdom Arrows was approximately 62, with five families participating. 

We would love to have you in February!


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  1. Great job adjusting to your lack of snow. We have to wait to actually do the snow activities as snow at all this year of significance.

    Love that you used the color walk idea and it is a great exercise to use the notebook page to record changes out your window.

    Thanks so much for sharing your link with the OHC.


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