Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wilderness Wildlife Week 2011, Recap #3

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This is Gracie-Girl's Narration of her favorite things at WWW.

My favorite thing at Wilderness Wildlife Week were the Bird Shows.  The bird talked in a microphone.  They flew over my head.  There were parrots, prey birds, owls and little birds.  They were fed peanuts and little mice. 

Here is the family at an art class.

age 6

This is Joy- Bug's Narration of WWW.

My favorite class was the Safari Animal Show with Amazon John.  There was a 10 foot Burmese Python that I helped hold.  He weighed 25 pounds.  There was also a bunny and he said it was the scariest animal in the world because it steals carrots and thumps field mice on the head so he can eat them!

He also had a frog named Bubba and he at up all the other baby frogs in the puddle.  He was an African Rainforest frog.  He tried to feed it a mouse but it did not want it.  There was also an animal that looked like a monkey, but it was not.  It was a marsupial.  He also had a black vulture and a dog named Bear. 

age 7

Gracie- Girl and Joy-Bugs classes at WWW
  • O! Possum!- live animal show
  • Knoxville Bird show
  • Silly Safari Show with Amazon John
  • Do it yourself: Build a backyard bird habitat
  • Hiking and Backpacking Play

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  1. Very good narrations! I felt like was actually there. Good job, girls!

    It all sounds like a lot of fun, except for the snake...Eew!!


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