Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sandhill Cranes have Arrived!

We, as in the Kingdom Arrows family, happen to live 2 miles from the two rivers where the Sandhill Cranes migrate for the winter. 

These cranes come from upper Canada and Alaska.  The flocks are definitely in the 500 to 1000 bird category.  You can watch groups of them flying over head in a 'V' formation.  At dusk we counted 8 groups in a row flying over.

The Sandhill Crane is different than the Whooping Crane, which migrates through a completely different part of America.  The Sandhill Crane is grey all over it's body, instead of white. 

If you want to come see the cranes, let Kingdom Arrows know. We will put you up for the night!!!


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  1. oh my goodness gracious!
    those are lovely birds!


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