Thursday, November 25, 2010


My Thanksgiving List this year is full of things I NEVER thought I would need to be thankful for. 

But, I can also say, I am feeling more thankful that ever!

So, here we go....
  • doctors who go above and beyond and are rooting for our family.
  • those teeny, tiny pills that brought my daughter back AND are generic.
  • that my children are a year older and that makes life a little easier.
  • for new friends and old friends that the Lord brought to support us this year.
  • for the "team" God has brought together to help Kae-Kae toward wholeness.
  • for friends who texted me and called me when we were on the way to the hospital this summer.
  • for moving back.
  • that my Aunt and Uncle came and helped us clean, paint, move, clean and move some more when it was 100+ degrees
  • for my parents taking Kae-Kae for 3 weeks this summer while she began to "wake-up."
  • for the Smoky Mountains and hiking.
  • for photography and dulcimers. 
  • for a husband who washes dishes every night, since Kae-Kae still can't do chores.
  • for people all over the world that prayed for us.
  • for all the "little" things people did for us this year to help us through.
  • for the Jones', too much to write.
  • that they found Aunt Pat's cancer before it spread any further.
  • for Dan's job where he can preach the gospel and do what he loves.
  • for being introduced to birding and the Hays taking us "under their wing,"  in more ways than one.
  • for learning about the Thomas Jefferson Education and for all the classics I have been able to read.

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