Friday, November 26, 2010

Out with the Old

We have been married 15 years this year and everything has broken this year: lawn mower, weed eater, washing machine and vacuum cleaner.  That makes for an expensive year.

This is how we have resolved these issues.

Dan got a weed eater for his 40th birthday.  How exciting.

Since this is what my old washing machine did every time it washed, my parents bought me one for an early Christmas present.  Yes, that is a hole in my new floor.  Oh, here is the new laundry room that Daniel Fry built for us a few months ago.

We have borrowed our neighbor's John Deere lawnmower the last 3 times we mowed. I am guessing that some of our tax return this year will go toward a new riding mower.

And, the vacuum.  Everytime we use it, EVERYTIME, we have to add more duct tape.


 So, here is our solution:

Right now he is called "Little Dog." There is an equal split on the names Skippyjon or Kipper.

Skippyjon is one of our favorite story books.

Kipper is a mellow, jazz loving, British dog we watch on Netflix.

Somehow, I think our "Little Dog" is more like a spastic, fun-loving Skippyjon.  I will let you know what we decide. 


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  1. Oh, that is great! Quite the cute little vacuum cleaner.

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