Thursday, October 21, 2010


One of the wonderful things about blogging today is that a post can be like reading a magazine article delivered right to your doorway or in this case, your inbox!

I have now added Feedburner to Kingdom Arrows, and that means you can type in your email addy and you will recieve a post everytime one is written.

Look over to the right side and you will see a small orange square thingy.  Click it, and enter your email and YEA!  You will start getting all of the exciting posts from Kingdom Arrows.  For those interested in factoids, the small square thingy is technically called a "chicklet."  Yes, just like those yummy square gums.


(This just in:  it is taking Feedburner a few hours to get the email option up and running.  Please check back if you want to register.)

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