Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sanctification and Learning Disabilities

Since I have no idea who my readership is, it is sometimes makes it easier to send a blog out into blogosphere, without expecting a response(I would love a response). It is kind of like journaling with an occasional interaction. So, being the introvert that I am, I have been contemplating the fact that God is using my child's learning disabilities as sanctification for me. However, I am failing. The fruit of the spirit is certainly not being displayed. I fight hourly for patience, kindness in my words, love for my child, joy where God has us, faithfulness and endurance, gentleness with words and actions, and the overarching theme through which all of these are displayed- self-control. As I observe friends who have similar struggles with their children, it seems that their kids know their Mom is "on their team." I have to verbalize that outloud that I am on her team, not so much for her benefit, but for mine. How quickly I forget. And yet, now I picture God saying, "I am on your team, Heather." I act like an orphan, rejected and alone and yet I am God's adopted child. The God who never lacks self-control or love, and all that entails. In remembering that I am on God's team, then I should remember that God has not left ME out all alone and unable to fend for herself as she and I navigate through these LDs. God will use all of these LDs for our good and His glory- now and eternally.

OK, the pep talk is over. Usually I map all this out on my giant wipe-board in my bedroom, but today opted for something different. Maybe including a little accountability. Where are you needing to not act like an orphan in disbelief, and have accountability?


  1. Praying for you Heather and I firmly believe that ME knows you're on her side.

    My accountability? Lots of things, but today particularly, I must be angry and not sin.

    God is angry at sin and I may be also, but my response must be governed by God's Word and not controlled by my emotions.

  2. Love this post, and I think God teaches us many of His truths through our children.

    I also believe that ME knows that your are on her side. There is a much bigger picture here, much bigger than you, or ME, or the LD. God is going to use this in a great and mighty way in ME's life and in your life.

    I will be praying for you both! Love you, my fellow introvert!!!!! (You know I know this well....haha!)

  3. Can't we just take the "sanctificatin pill"? Or can't we order up what we'd like for a sanctification regimen, like "Lord can I have an order of joy and one of pateince, but with make that patience with the weather and politics not my children and their struggle with the Fall that they did not choose much less their sinful responses to sin and the Fall. Well, Homeschooling Heather, we are along for the Lord's gracious ride of sanctification, where He gets to choose the twists and turns. Nonetheless, I am proud that you are a woman of integrity and who seeks the Lord to be her Lord not just her Savior.

    Your Kingdom Arrow Husband

  4. Sometimes the best way to get a refreshed view of your life and struggles is to write down the view you have so you can see where your strengths and weaknesses lie, or maybe just get it unburdened from your mind long enough to rest and be still a while so God can whisper a new peace into your heart about it. **HUGS**


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