Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Auditory Processing Disorder, Update

Since I was recently nominated for Homeschool Blogger Award, Live What you Believe, for sharing my 11 year old daughter's journey through therapy for CAPD (auditory processing disorder), sensory integration disorder and visualizing inabilities. Here is the update, straight from the therapist and mom's analysis. These have caused bunches of problems for her in school, relationships, chores, and life. Regarding CAPD, we have been doing Neuronet, with a therapist since April. We are in CD 6 of an 8 CD series. The section of therapy we are in now is English as a Spoken Language. As a mother of a child with CAPD, I did not realize my child spoke less than other children. She could narrate with the best, and she seemed engaged, but as time passed, and I had other children, I realized the words just did not come. Often a nod or grunt was all I got in response to a question. When with her friends, she just looks at them and smiles. This smile threw us off for a while, often the smile was because she enjoyed being with her friends, even if she was not able to follow conversation. Neuronet is going well, but we are not where I hoped we would be after seven months of therapy. This time her therapist is aiming to integrate therapy with her schoolwork. Also, I just began remediating with a reading program called Reading Reflex. Our NN provider feels combining Reading Reflex with NN is our best chance to produce a child who can spell and read phonetically.

As for Visualizing and Verbalizing, ME has gotten to where she seems to be visualizing on her own. Visualizing means making a movie in your mind when you read something or hear something. When I ask her if she is visualzing, she says "Yes, I think so." That is progress. I have stopped using the actual therapy materials, and am just getting her to tell me what she is "seeing in her mind," as she reads and hears. Her new flute teacher is also incorporating visualizing with musical pieces. In addition, he has developed a lesson sheet which has emoto-icons on it, and she is to circle what emotion the music is portraying.

Sensory Integration therapy is proceeding nicely. We have had many fun field trips in an effort to help all our children with sensory issues. Much trampoline jumping, swimming, hiking, playing in streams, camping and eating beef jerky, has happened this summer. I feel like all the children have improved in relation to loud sounds, funny textures and scheduling.

We are within three months of being done with Neuronet, and are waiting to see what our Pediatric Physical Therapist recommends at that point. What has your family been dealing with that is "unusual" or "special?"

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  1. We have been dealing with and the Lord has been using it for my sanctification (in response to the post after this one) this old house of ours. I can't remember if I told you already, but a leak (actually 3 separate leaks) developed that destroyed the new flooring in the bathroom. The same thing happened in the kitchen back in March, right after the remodeling was done. So, this is our 2nd re-remodeled room. Repenting daily of a why-me attitude and learning huge lessons in contentment.
    Also... the Crew. Seeing myself in some publishers and sometimes liking that and other times not. Seeking the Lord on whether to try to publish or not and what still needs sanctifying in me before I'm ready to do the work He has prepared.
    Guess that's the longest blog comment ever! Great questions and posts. Keep writing as God leads.


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