Monday, October 19, 2009

Not Me Monday

Ok, so every Monday night the big topic of discussion at our meal table is what all the moms have posted on their Not Me Blogs. The pressure is on, my OWN FAMILY has now been suggesting topics for NOT ME MONDAY, even though I don't participate in Not Me Monday (Thanks a lot, and

So, I would never kill TWELVE goldfish in the last five weeks. I have had an aquarium off and on since the third grade. NOT ME!!!

I also would not be using the electricity to run an EMPTY aquarium for the last five days. NOT ME!!!

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  1. Well, my sweet and multi-talented wife may not be able to keep the fish from dying, but she otherwise helps us all to thrive in our home. The fish only cost a buck fifty anyway. ;)

    Heather's Husband


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