Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ancients Lapbook

I have had some encouragement to post pictures of our first lapbook. This was made by my sixth grade daughter, and it is for our TOG year 1, unit 1. I got the Dinah Zike Big Book of Books, and decided what we would make into mini-books. I made each mini-book for her, and added a post-it note so she would know what info was supposed to go on each one as she came to it.

The clear tape on the left side is 2-inch tape taped together and hole punched, so it will fit in our History Notebook.

What I will do differently:
1. I will be using smaller mini-books. This will make it easier to plan the layout on our folder.
2. I will be requiring ME to use markers and colored pencils to add color and shape to her mini-books. I will also require her to draw some pictures on her own, such as the dishes for Seder supper.
3. I will require her to draw or print off pictures for a cover representing the time period of our lapbook.

Since it is hard to see what our mini-book topics are, I will give you a few of them:
The Plagues of Egypt, Sumerian Appearance/Diet/Homes, etc., Comparison of Egyptian Pyramids and Mesopotamian Ziggurats, Items in Seder Supper, Family Tree of Patriarchs, etc.


  1. Your lapbooks look really good. Seeing them, I have decided to do my own too. The templates have made things easier for me, but I like for my kids' work to have a kid look to it. Thanks, and tell ME to keep up the good work.

  2. The nominations are official! I nominated you for Best Live What You Believe. See my blog for details. You need 2 more nominations to make the voting list.


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