Saturday, January 17, 2009

Family Friday

It seems the last two weeks since we have started this semester has been re-entry all over. It seems like the transition to "back-to-school" was harder than in the fall. We do school year round, but have a formal ending time in May and a beginning of the new year in late July. That said, I have thought and prayed about what "words of wisdom" to put here. I have none, but the truth that I am being Christ dependent, which is what should always be happening. I have been very encouraged by words that I have read on and the book Jesus Calling. These biblical truths have been rattling around in my head as I have struggled with headaches for the last several weeks. It seems my brain is so divided with the pain and other details of a busy homelife. And yet, we all need God's word rattling around in there all the time, and should be consisitantly grasping for it, even when we don't have the headaches of life.

EJW will be having her tonsils out Monday, and I am thinking about that recovery time. A week is a long time for a five year old to be stuck in the bed! We are praying this will help her breathing, sleeping and concentration.


  1. Thanks for your kind words and plug. We'll be praying for EJ next week and for Mom, too.

  2. Wow, I am always humbled when others mention my blog on theirs! It is a work in progress (as we all are!), and it is purely what the Lord lays on my heart. I am humbled beyond compare to know that my blog is an encouragement to others. Praying for EJ and a swift and easy recovery! She will do just fine! Thank you for your precious words! Love you all!


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