Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Drawing with Children, Lesson 5

Whew!  We have finally reached Lesson 5.  Where have you gotten in your book? 

Lesson five is completely different than all the previous lessons.  I have decided this is how Kingdom Arrows is going to do it, but please tell me if you have a different plan.  I would love to incorporate other ideas. 

Lesson five is much more fluid, the book offers six mediums of art supplies and wants your students to be able to experience all of them.  So, I plan to spend one lesson a week on each one. 

Here is what that schedule looks like for us:
  • June 1, chalk pastels
  • June 8, drawing pencils
  • June 15, colored pencils
  • June 22, oil pastels
  • June 29, watercolor
You will  notice two interesting things....
  1. Our schedule does not start until June 1, since we will be out of town for the next several weeks.
  2. 2.  Our schedule does not include conte crayons, unless I can find them cheaper.  Hobby Lobby has a set, that even with the coupon, would cost $14.  They are tiny and I am sure we would speed through them.  Also, I read Barb's concerns about Conte crayons on her squidoo site, and I am bypassing them.
Please visit the Squidoo site, for Youtube videos for using these mediums.  Barb also does a great job reviewing all the products.  This is an amazing resource for us using this book.

If you have not bought any of these products, you can click through here to my Amazon site.  It does give me a little money for purchasing- you guessed it- more nature journaling supplies.  Thanks to all who have already bought through me!  Most of the resources are inexpensive, but I would suggest the Prismacolor pencils.  They are the only colored pencils that I use.  I love the way they blend and overlay.  Also, if you can only afford one extra art supply right now, it would be these!

If you are working through Drawing with Children, please link with Kingdom Arrows and let us know how far you are progressing.  This is a come and go meme, and if you take a few weeks off, we will still be here!  I will be posting linkies the next 2 weeks, even though we will not be participating- we will be off in Williamsburg!



  1. This looks like a great plan for working through the lessons with the various media. I am writing it on my calendar and I may just pop in for some practice....hopefully we will be done with school for the year and I will have a little time to play.

  2. I agree that this looks like a great plan! I think we might actually catch up with you by the point that you start this schedule.
    I also agree about the conte crayons...we'll be skipping those, too, I think!


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