Monday, March 14, 2011

Quilting and Blessing to our Soldiers

This year I decided to teach a quilt piecing class for homeschoolers.  We meet once a month and try to sew between 2-3 blocks per time.  We are making a "Quilt of the Month," making a block that celbrates that month.  So far we have made a snowman-January, heart- February, and beach ball-June. 

I have been pre-buying and cutting all the fabric before the girls get here.  We have 6 girls and 2 moms that stay.  I am letting them use the machine and hand stitch, since I want them to learn all types of sewing.  I charge $13 a month, which basically just covers the material.  If you have any questions about starting your own quilt club, use the Contact Me button. 

This is the book I am using, it is complete with all the patterns and directions for making wall hangings and throws.  I am adapting the patterns so the girls will have a twin size pieced quilt in December.  There is a local place that will quilt, bind, back and bat, for about $45. 

Hard at work.
Our hearts
Our beach balls

But what I REALLY want to advertise is the Just One Star Project.  Click here to read about the details.  Moda is asking everyone to piece a quilt block with the star pattern on that site, so they can make quilts for the injured soldiers in Irag and Afhanistan.  This would be a great project for older homeschoolers and moms, you could even have a Girl's Night Out where everyone comes together to sew them.  You write your name and state on them and mail by May 1, 2011, to the address on the pdf file.  Our Quilt Guild has gotten involved.  This is a VERY EASY pattern and actually took me longer to cut it than sew it.  If you are a beginning piecer you can definately do this and may find time to squeeze in a few more!  It requires medium red or blue material and white material.  I used scraps I had laying around. 

Just One Block


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  1. I want to be in your quilt club. :-) My grandmother and great-grandmother sewed some quilts, and Mom still has some of those treasures. Once upon a time I did a little quilting myself, a friendship quilt with a red, white, and blue theme. It is finished and my quilting masterpiece.


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