Friday, February 11, 2011

Winter Outdoor Hour Challenge, #6, Science Sunday

Salt, you can't live without it, but you probably don't think about it!

We studied salt this week in our Winter Outdoor Challenge.  You can read about how other Bloggers participated here.  This is the first time we have participated in Science Sunday. Thanks to our new friends for letting us participate!

Science Sunday

Comparing table salt and rock salt. 
We did several experiments:
  • placed water and salt in a bowl on black paper and waited for it to evaporate.  We compared two bowls- one in a warm place and one in a cold place.  The crystals left behind WERE shaped differently.
  • compared evaporation to our terrarium and the water cycle.  You can see the terrarium in the lower left corner of the picture. 
  • dissolved table salt in warm water and cold water, and found that it dissolved in warm and did not just sink to the bottom.
  • compared table salt and rock salt.
  • all of these experiments we examined under our magnifying glass.
  • we drew pictures of the salt crystals in our Nature Journal.

We decided to put a salt lick in our yard to see if the deer will come and lick it.  We just have to clear that with Daddy-o.  We want to make sure it will not provide an undue risk to the deer, although they are in our neighborhood all the time.

Don't forget about listing those birds you hear and see in February, it is not too late!  Click here to read about it!


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  1. Fun! One day, when I have a camera again, I intend to do some of these great memes you do.


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