Tuesday, February 1, 2011

UFO's and other January Musings

I wanted to give an update on my January UFO, from Patchwork Times, since it is the end of the month and let you know what I have been busy about around here.

The Unfinished Object was a box of unorganized pictures that had writing all over the back of them.

Here is how the UFO started, straight from the box from my Mother-in-Law.

Here is how far I got...
Photocopying all the pics, getting them in order, ordering the album and pages from my Creative Memories Consultant, Renae (and you can order from her online, too) and getting a full album layout plan!

A few other ways I spent my time:

I needed a new pincushion to match my newly organized sewing area, so here is my version.  Here is where I got the idea.  I just traced a dessert plate to get the right size.

I wanted a decorative bulletin board to go on my sewing table.  So here is where I got that idea.

I kept losing my cell phone in the bottom of my new, gigantic purse.  So, I needed a way to get to it without having to dive to China.  I made this and hook the ring on my purse handle.  Here is where I got the pattern.

I had found this wonderful bird material here in town and having been dying to make a bag since before Christmas.  Here is the pattern I used with a little extra decoration.  I plan to make a few more for groceries. 

So, since I am into birds and redecorating this year, I had decided I needed little decoration in a corner of my kitchen near the refrigerator.  I had decided on a homemade topiary, but had no ideas.   I nosed around online and found a similar idea.  Here is that link.

 Then, the girls started ballet again, so we needed a ballet bag.  I have about 4 yards of ballet material, so here is my adaptation of this pattern.

Since Kae-Kae's favorite bird is the Bluebird, I decided to make her a wreath for her bedroom door.  I had to order the bluebird off of Etsy, I could not find a "real" looking bluebird anywhere else.  I got the eggs at Joannes.  The ribbon, nest, and wreath are from Hobby Lobby.  She LOVED it!

So, this was the fabric bin.  Obviously a problem.  Who knows what options I have in there.  So...

For free, this is what I came up with.  It is amazing how seeing your fabric makes you want to use it!

I put the Valentine's stuff out on the piano, and knew I needed one more thing.  I wanted a table runner and found this one.  I was supposed to increase the print size, which I did, but it was not quite big enough.  I am still pleased. 

Now, here is the mystery material.  I have started a very industrious project for the year.  I am teaching 6 homeschool girls how to piece a quilt.  I will have pics through the year, but these are the starting materials for our first blocks.  Everyone completed 2 blocks at our first meeting.

How have you blessed others through your creative life-giving in January?


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