Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A B See

The last several weeks, Kingdom Arrows has been participating in the A B See Meme, sponsored by the Homeschool Post. 

This week Kae-Kae's picture was one of five chosen out of all the entries for the best photo.

Kae-Kae went with our good friend Ginger who taught her how to take this shot into the sun.  Here is Ginger's website and some other awesome photos.  I just realized I know most of the people in them, we definately live in a small town.

At the walking track as the sun is setting.

Here are some other photos she took that day. The assignment was to take pictures of things around town for the new pharmacy opening up. This was a paid job for Ginger, and Kae-Kae got to learn some tricks.


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